EMA: To bible believers: The emphasis I see in most bible professing groups is salvation. Salvation is just but a part, which became necessary though expected from the start, of the bigger project God intended when he fashioned man from the dust of the ground. God’s purpose still stands which is to make man in his image, according to his likeness.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;

Non-bible believers may also comment.

boxingfan529: of course it is epi. but since the fall of man, one cant have the exact image God intended man to be if one doesn’t come to Him in full obedience. salvation is the end product of it which means man fulfilling the full image God – the incorruptible and holy image that is achieved afterlife.

EMA: Since you are fond of it, what is it that you emphasize in your sharing? Salvation? or creation.

insoyuz72: god created man in his likeness? is this just the god of humans or the god of everything?

EMA: The bible message is that God is creating man in his image. Man can believe it or just dismiss it as nonsense.

While he is God of all creation by virtue of his being creator, many do not recognize him as such.

shadow warrior: Man is weak,
if God’s purpose is for man to be with Him in eternity
why not just short cut the process?
What is the real purpose of creating man in human form?

boxingfan529: actually, God made it a short cut already in the garden of Eden. but since man’s fall-short by sinning against God’s commandment, God gave man a chance through what we do in life – our choice to do His will or not.

EMA: “the real purpose of creating man in human form”, which is mortal, is so that God can just dispose of him if he later on decides he does not want to be ruled by God. Just like a potter who discards an earthen vase if its quality does not meet the standard set.

dd44: You obviously know that that is flawed logic if you god claims to be all-knowing. Do you know of any potter that claims to be all knowing – knowing even the future?

EMA: Anybody can make claims and the God of the bible can make no less.

The comparison is in the activity of making a product not the “all-knowing” aspect.

shadow warrior: A master potter won’t produce a substandard creation.

EMA: For some reasons other than his workmanship expertise even a master potter cannot be expected to make his product defect free all the time.

shadow warrior: The master potter is an almighty, all powerful being.

EMA: The almighty master potter was not making a robot in man but one with freewill as himself.  Otherwise, man would not be according to God’s likeness.

The exercise of that freewill which God made to be an integral part of product man became, by God’s choice, a factor no longer under God’s control.

equalizer: A master potter create a pot that could not hurt?
A human does physically and emotionally.

EMA: It’s good you’ve returned to PRMO equalizer! 

The human pot will no longer hurt another “physically and emotionally” when the creation process is finished in the man’s change to spirit.

equalizer: hi .
how come you still recognized me?
I bet you are so young to have that kind of sharp memory. hehehe

since the PMRO is running smooth now, i’ll be here.

EMA: equalizer wrote:

hi .
how come you still recognized me?
I bet you are so young to have that kind of sharp memory. hehehe

Your bet might win.


equalizer wrote:

since the PMRO is running smooth now, i’ll be here.

Good to hear that.