BillyShears:  when god said he “created man.”, that means the creation of man is done. i can’t see why you’re trying to harmonize that with verses written by other people and from books apart.

EMA:  No effort is needed to harmonize what is already in harmony.  The bible message – God is creating man in his image according to his likeness – is in harmony from Genesis to Revelation.

God is the real author of the 70 books (5 books of Psalms) comprising the bible being the power who “moved” the different persons separated by generations to do the writing.

2 Peter 1:21 for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

BillyShears: “god created man”

he even saw the result, and genesis didn’t say those results were partial.

already in harmony? give me a break.

EMA:  If man is to be a creation in the likeness of God who is spirit, the finished product man should be spirit.

God’s intention for man to become an immortal spirit like God is shown by God’s offering man the tree of life.  

By making the wrong choice Adam and Eve’s journey to becoming spirits was suspended but which is to resume once the remedial measure is applied to them during the great white throne judgment period when they will be raised back to physical life.

Adam and Eve would yet become creations in God’s image according to his likeness as spirits.

dd44:  IF…..

If god existed.
If god is a spirit.
If the god that existed is none other than the Judeo Christian god.

Thats one ifs too many. The fact is, none of us really knows, you just pretend that you know. In your whole lifetime have you ever seen anybody who died who got raised back to life? I have – in fictional tales. What is the probability that what you are saying is just fictional? Ah basta……. “my fictional tales are real”!!!!

EMA:  We are discussing what is written in the bible. To believe or not what one can read in it is very clearly a distinct issue.