Manuel Cuizon So, what then is d “true gospel” to u ka Epi?

Epifanio Moran Almeda The gospel or good news of the KOG, not only to me, but to all men for all men to realize, ka Manuel, is that God is determined, faithful, in making sure his intention to make man in his image according to his likeness (Genesis 1:26) would come to fulfillment (1 John 3:2).

Manuel Cuizon If u don’t agree, what will u be called by then when u will be transformed? Will u still be called man? Tao ka pa ba by that time?
Thank you for these your questions ka Manuel. The answer adds to my, and hopefully others’ as well, understanding.

“Yes, man will still be called man after his change from being physical to spirit. Man now is corruptible and mortal. The changed to spirit man will be incorruptible and immortal.

“When God said, “Let US make man…”, the final product should be man!

“When Toyota makes a car, the initial “car” you see are still its raw materials to be manufactured and then assembled parts. When these parts shall have been assembled, you don’t call the finished product as a truck but a car.”

Ka Manuel, I have presented plainly what God intended to make in Gen. 1:26. A simple reading shows that God said he wanted to make man. This man would be in his image. This man would be in God’s likeness. You are only reading into Gen. 1:26 what is not there which is that God said “Let US make gods”.

The end product John tells us is that man, we, “shall be like Him”, not we shall be gods.

Believe this or don’t.


Antonio Pirote Where in the bible does it say, without contradicting verses, that the finished product is man?

Epifanio Moran Almeda Genesis 1:26 which states, “Let US make man…”